Sue was born sometime in the last century. Exact dates are top secret and only the IRS knows the truth. She was raised in a suburb of Seattle. She now lives in a cottage by the sea with her huband (me) and 2 cats and one teenager. Sue's other two children have mysteriously sprouted wings after 18 years in the nest. One is currently raising a flock of childern of her own and the other is attending YWAM School of Worship in Montana. On most days Sue can be found in her studio, overlooking the Saratoga Passage, creating fine works of art. Sometimes this creative process takes place until the late hours of the night. "Therapy" is what I call it. The giggles and laughs of discovery and creativity have become more frequent and the moans and groans of frustration less as her "therapy" has worked it's wonder over the last few years. When not in the studio Sue can be found searching the island for garage sales. When one is found she heads right for the boxes marked "free". Where treasures a plenty have been found. The thrift store is a place of frequent visits also. Searching for just the right "thing" to use in one of her creations.